Getting Started with a Home Composting System with a Compost Container Unit, Kit, and Tools

Would you like to add vital nutrients to your garden’s soil in an environmentally-friendly way? Would you also enjoy avoiding hard labour to amend and fertilize your yard? If so, composting with a convenient underground compost bin is hands-down the way to go. Here’s how you can get started with your very own composting unit the easy way with Direct Compost Solutions (DCS).

How to Compost Without the Hard Work

Many people are interested in giving composting a go but are afraid that it will be too difficult or complicated to get started. They may also be concerned that adding a bin to their yard will introduce unpleasant odours or attract vermin. Others may mistakenly believe they just have no space to add a composting bin to their garden. All these issues are conveniently addressed with the help of Direct Compost Solutions’ Compot kit and our other compost tools and resources.

The simple fact of the matter is that getting high quality compost shouldn’t require a lot of hard work. Nature takes care of composting on its own without needing human intervention, so why should composting in your garden be any different? Yet with so many different composting methods, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you.

There are two basic forms of composting: active and passive. With active composting, such as with a worm bin or compost heap, you’ll need to turn and manage your compost very carefully to ensure that it maintains the proper pH and level of moisture. This is usually not necessary for most gardens, and the passive method requires far less work and is more desirable for most people. A compost kit from DCS allows you to quickly dispose of your kitchen waste passively, allowing nature to do what it does best without any extra work or fuss on your part.

What Sets Our Discreet Compost Container Apart

While all compost methods allow you to dispose of most kinds of kitchen waste, very few can handle materials such as meat, dairy or oil which are difficult to break down. The Compot home composting system from Direct Compost Solutions, however, can handle all these substances and more. As long as it is biodegradable, you can add it to your underground compost bin and forget it. Additionally, our below-ground design means that you can hide your bin from view and take up far less space in your garden or vegetable patch than with most available compost solutions.

At DCS, we educate Australians on proper composting methods and give them the tools they need to compost efficiently and conveniently at home. If you’d like to learn more about our products, or about composting in general, please look at our composting information.

For additional information, or for assistance with any enquiries you may have, feel free to contact us by phone or email. We are happy to assist you and hope we can help you make a smart choice when it comes to choosing a compost container for your home.

Bucket Your Kitchen Waste and Improve Your Garden with a Durable(recyclable?) Plastic Compost Bin

You’ve probably heard by now that composting is one way you can improve your garden’s soil with natural, healthy nutrients while doing your part to help heal the planet as well. Yet perhaps you’ve been a bit hesitant to give it a try. However, contrary to popular belief, getting started with composting does not have to be complicated or expensive—especially when you get a hidden underground compost bucket from Direct Compost Solutions to easily nourish your garden without adding clutter or mess to your yard.

Reasons to Consider Adding a Compost Bin to Your Yard

Many Australians are choosing to add a garden composter to their garden as a way to manage their kitchen waste while eliminating the need for artificial fertilizers for their vegetables and flowers. These benefits extend beyond the backyard, as you will be contributing less waste to area landfills and reducing environmentally-damaging greenhouse gas emissions such as methane. So why not consider getting your own garden compost bin?

While some people choose to start their compost piles or make DIY plastic composters (such as from an old repurposed rubbish bin), these can have some serious drawbacks and could turn your well-intentioned composting project into a smelly and unsightly flop. The best way to ensure your compositing works in the long-term is to get a durable solution that is designed to accommodate all kinds of kitchen waste and which can control both odour and vermin. An easy solution is to get a high-quality plastic compost bin, ready for purchase from Direct Compost Solutions.

Start Composting Conveniently with Direct Compost Solutions

At Direct Compost Solutions, our goal is to educate Australians on how just how easy it is to get started with composting, and why everyone should consider doing it for their garden. We know you have many options when it comes to various composting methods, so we try to offer up the pros and cons of each.

We believe we have found the best solution for busy homeowners with the Compot compost bin, which can accept all forms of bio-degradable kitchen waste without adding any clutter to your garden space. This elegant alternative to above-ground composters allows you to nourish all parts of your garden without needing any turning or other additional labour. In fact, it’s so easy to use you can merely Fill, Forget, Refill continuously as you enjoy healthier fruits and vegetables and more vibrant flowers.

We have helped people across Australia get started with this simple yet effective garden composting method. Browse some of the positive feedback we’ve received from our satisfied customers. We’d like to help you get the most out of your composting experience as well. For more information, or to find out how you can get started with one of our practical Compot bins, send us an email or give us a call. A helpful member of our team would be happy to assist you with choosing one of these garden- and planet-friendly solutions.