Composters, Compost Bins, Units, and Equipment for Sale for Environmentally Friendly Composting

Direct Compost Solutions understands how composting benefits your garden and the environment which is why we offer composting equipment for sale. Compost added to your soil increases the nutrients available for the plants, helps the ground retain moisture, adds beneficial organisms that keep plants healthy and makes the soil consistency more conducive to growth. Composting also allows you to increase your eco-friendliness.

Be Eco-Friendly by Composting

Composting your waste keeps it out of the landfills and turns it into a useable product. Your trash gets hauled to the dump on trucks so when you create less trash, you lower the amount of energy and release of greenhouse gases that are needed to transport it.

Even biodegradable materials don’t decompose efficiently in landfills because it’s buried and doesn’t receive the oxygen it needs. The type of decomposition that occurs in landfills produces more methane than composting. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that absorbs much more heat than equal amounts of carbon dioxide, so it is considered a significant factor in the warming of the planet.

Composting reduces the erosion of soil because it decreases the soil density and allows the soil to retain water. When it rains, the moisture is absorbed into the ground instead of running off taking the top layer with it. You will also have to water your plants less which will put less demand on the water sources such as aquifers and reservoirs.

Compost acts as a natural fertiliser and pesticide so you can use fewer chemicals in your garden. Artificial fertilisers and pesticides can run-off and enter the stream and river systems and end up in the lakes and ocean. When excess fertilisers enter the water systems, they can cause algal bloom because the algae feed off it. When the algae die and decompose they strip the oxygen from the water. The other aquatic life quickly dies without the dissolved oxygen in the water, and the lake or ocean becomes a dead zone.

If you do need fertilisers and herbicides, we offer a line of organic liquid fertilisers and weed killers which are designed to work in concert with compost-rich soil. Even though it is safe for your plants and animals, you want to start by using a very diluted solution because it will come to you as a concentrated product.

Composting Equipment for Sale

When you want to take advantage of all the benefits composting provides your garden and the environment we have composting units for sale. If you are new to composting, we offer a composting starter kit you might find to be an excellent place to start. You can take your environmentally friendly pursuits one step further with our black recycled or green recyclable composting bins for sale. Our recycled black composters are great for waste disposal and animal waste if you are not into gardening  but want a simple waste disposal unit and hate throwing your waste in your council bin.

Contact Direct Compost Solutions if you have questions about a composter for sale or if you would like to discuss techniques for successful composting. Our knowledgeable staff can help determine which type of composting would best fit your lifestyle and gardening needs.