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Step by step instructions to calculate postage rates for Australia Post so you can compare postage costs between the courier companies and Australia Post within Australia.

Calculate Postage Rates

Follow the blue arrows….

Click on this link to Australia Post Calculation page

Step 1: Enter our Suburb and Post Code (New Farm 4005) then enter your Suburb and postcode in CAPITOL LETTERS  (eg  MACKAY  4740) .   Click the suggestion if it matches your Suburb, State and Post Code and click GO.

Step 2: Click on “Features and Options”

Step 3: Click

Step 4: Write down the information supplied under the specifications tab on the product of your choice about the box dimensions and weight.  You will find this information if you click on the picture of the product bundle you wish to purchase then scroll down the page to the “Specifications Tab”

Step 5: Enter the box dimensions and weight into the correct fields and click on “Set size and Weight”

Step 6: The Postage Costs are now revealed. Or you can test another postage option by clicking on the “Change” Button.

If this post differs drastically from the courier quote then email us for a custom quote with Australia Post.

We only use Australia Post if there is a large difference with the courier quote so please consider this when placing your order as we can’t always get to the post office in a timely manner, whereas the courier company picks up from our address so your parcel will go out quicker under normal circumstances.

If this is too hard for you to work out them please call us 0467 006 529 or (07) 3358 3716 and we will work it out for you and hopefully get you the best deal we can.