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Composting with 5 Compots

…Bought five of these a little while ago and the results are amazing. Anne transferred the compost from these onto a Chilli plant that had never really done very well and within a week it was full of lush foliage. Very Cool.!!!!

Tom Smith

Composting Dog Waste

“I am finding my Compot works brilliantly for dog poo…”

Customer at Nambour Expo

Compot Composting Convert

Compot Composting Convert

Just wanted to feedback to you my experience with using the compot system in my home garden.  We have always composted, initially using the two open bin method, but had problems with vermin, so switched to a compost tumbler.  Because we were continually adding new waste to the tumbler, it was very hard to ever get material that was fully composted to use.  I wasn’t sure how the… Read more “Compot Composting Convert”

Jackie B from NSW

Compot Appraisal

I wanted to congratulate you! The compot provides a complete and aesthetically pleasing solution to unsightly and smelly composts, something I and I imagine many other urban gardeners have been seeking for quite a while! Bravo on the marketing too. .. so I’ll see you at your lovely stall again early Feb, ready for my second investment…. m


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