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Hort Vinegar x 5 litres


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Organic Horticultural Vinegar


1 x Burn Off x 5 liters

1 x Plastic Container



Organic Horticultural Vinegar x 5 liters, is a more economical way to have a few liters of weed dehydrator posted to your door instead of 1 liter to make more use of your post.

Burn off is the name given to this Organic Weed Dehydrator

It is an industrial strength certified organic weed dehydrator.

The base ingredient is vinegar but other ingredients added are industrial secrets

You only need one part vinegar to one to three parts water with a little detergent for it to be effective.

Spray the Burn Off onto any green bio-mass requiting treatment.

With particularly stubborn plants you might need to reapply or make the concentration stronger.

If you start with a weak solution that might be all you need.

But if that doesn’t work then decrease the dilution ratio to make the solution stronger.

And only use it on the weed you want to treat because it will kill other things nearby if you are too liberal with the dose.

Good to use along the base of a fence as it will kill the grass as well.


For problem plants or large plants direct a stream of a pre-mixed solution at the base of the plant to wet the soil.

The Burn Off will spread into the surface of the soil dehydrating the roots of the plant so they die without long-term effect on the soil.

Ideally, spray in the middle of the day and you may need to reapply after rain.

Add to an order of Compots

You can add up to 4 liters to any order of Compots but please use the single order item.

Or you can order a combination of two products – one Horticultural Vinegar and one Liquid Fertilizer.

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The price for 2 express post items includes the postage costs of $16.00 -however it is no longer viable to post this express post unless you live in some remote part of Australia where the post is exorbitant.

The large 5 liter bottle is more economical but if you need larger quantities simply fill in a custom quote form or call us.


Bottle Height: 30cm
Bottle Width: 17cm
Bottle Depth: 13cm
Capacity: 5 liters
Box Dimensions for shipping: 26 x 26 x 32 per bottle
or 2 bottles 26 x 26 x 32
Weight for shipping: 7kgs per 1 bottle
Weight for shipping: 14kgs per 2 bottles

Postage is the same for one bottle or two bottles.


Organic Horticultural Vinegar or Burn Off is a certified Organic product used to kill weeds in your garden.
This is safer than using roundup which is said to be chemically poisonous.
Burn Off is not poisonous and therefore safe to use around your pets, children, and veggies in your garden.
Follow the instructions on the label and you should have no problems.

You can also purchase smaller quantities of 1 liter
Or if you need larger quantities for more industrial purposes simply fill out a  custom quote form.

Product Info

Organic Horticultural Vinegar- Burn Off


Registered Farm input 442
The ingredients of this certified organic product are not for public viewing. All care is taken to produce a quality product that will give the results you are looking for.
Please see our returns and refunds policy if you have ordered this product by mistake.
It is not possible to give a refund on this product if it is opened and or partly used.


Mix 1 part Burn Off with 1-3 parts water depending on the required effect. Add a small amount of household washing liquid. Spray Burn OFF onto any green bio-mass requiring treatment. For larger bio-mass clumps direct a stream of a premixed solution at the base of the bio-mass to set the soil. Burn Off will spread into the surface of the soil and the vinegar will burn off the bio-mass roots without any long-term effects on the soil or garden.
Follow the instructions on the label and you should have no problems.