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Old Forest Carbon 15kgs


Old Forest Carbon 15kgs


1 x 15kg Old Forest Carbon

1 x Inner Bag

1 x Box



Old Forest Carbon 15gs comes from below a riverbed possibly lying dormant of hundreds of years covered with sand and sediment

This particular carbon has an unknown lifespan as it was recovered from dredging a river bed for sand.  It is quite possibly hundreds of years old.

Carbon- How valuable is it for your soil?


1 x 15kg Old Forest Carbon
1 x Inner Bag
1 x Box
Box Dimensions: 26cm x 26cm x 43cm
Total Weight: 16kgs includes box


1 kg or more can be added to any order of Compots
3 kg can be posted via express post
5kg can be posted anytime or added to an order of Compots (bucket)
15kgs can be posted anytime or added to an order of Compots (box)

If ordering Compots it is cheaper to add 1kg of product to your order rather than buying it separately as the weight does not change the postage rate of your parcel. It is also cheaper postage wise to purchase a bucket or box of Garden Supplements with your order of Compots.


If making an express post order please email your choice of garden supplements up to a total of 3kgs. Express post with Australia Post is now $16.00 up to 3kgs. This was once an effective way to post small quantities but now that the Australia Post price has gone up I am not so sure. You might want to use this option to try several different products before buying larger quantities.
Email your preference here


If for any reason you fell the postage to your area is excessive (and sometimes to remote areas it is) please email us or go to this link at Australia post – and see if the postage is better using the box dimensions and weight listed above, plus your area code and suburb and our area code and suburb (4005 New Farm).

If you get no satisfaction there then please call us or email us and see if we can’t help you get a better deal.

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Product Information:

All care is taken to produce a quality product that will nourish and replenish your garden giving you years of healthy crop production and increase the yield of your crop especially if you are a farmer.

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General Info:

Old Forest Carbon is a slow release carbon supplement (much like Biochar) but formed naturally beneath the river bed.  And like charcoal can aid in soil fertility management of nutrients, water, and organic matter retention but this Old Forest Carbon contains 27% Carbon.

1kg can be added to any order of compots or
3kgs can be posted express post
5kg Buckets of Old Forest Carbon are easy to post and store.
15kg Boxes are better for suburban homeowners if a larger quantity than 5kgs is required.
Bags or tonnage can be purchased in larger quantities for crop farming or soil regeneration on farms by filling in a custom quote or calling us on 07 3358 3716 or 0467 006 529 <br>

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