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Organic Liquid Fertiliser x 2


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Organic Liquid Fertiliser x 2


2 x Organic Certified Liquid Fertiliser x 1 liter each

2 x Plastic Containers



Organic Liquid Fertiliser x 2, 2 litres, is a great way to order a product you know you want but only want a smallish quantity

This Certified Organic Liquid Fertiliser is a special blend of ingredients that include microbes, mycorrhiza and other beneficial organisms that will make your garden shine.

The stronger your plants are the less likely of insect attacks.

You can test it on one plant beside another plant and see the difference for yourself.

I no longer use express post for this item as it has become too costly.

Add to an order of Compots

Organic Liquid Fertiliser can be added to any order of Compots to save on postage.

Roughly 4 liters can be added to Compots through the single item pack.

If you want 4 liters or more it is better to order the larger 5 liter bottle.

But is better to add one or two Liquid Fertilisers to an order of Compots to save on the postage.

Especially if you live in remote areas of Australia.

We have not had this product certified to ship overseas so orders are only for Australia


Bottle Height: 18cm per bottle
Bottle Width: 13cm per bottle
Bottle Depth: 7cm per bottle
Capacity: 1 liter per bottle
Box Dimensions for shipping: 13 x 7 x 18cm per bottle
Box Dimensions for shipping: 26 x 26 x 10cm per 2 bottles
Weight for shipping: 3 kgs combined

Organic Liquid Fertiliser has been specially designed to deliver to your plants the nutrients they require in a form they can utilize.
Therefore improving the soil, encouraging beneficial bacteria, promoting root health and improving water retention capabilities

Follow the instructions on the label and you should have no problems.


You can also purchase larger quantities of 5 liters or more by filling in a custom quote form

Product Info

Organic Liquid Fertiliser is a Biologically sound combination of Humates, Omega’s, Nitrogen, Potassium, Silicates, and many other plants and soil nutrients that have organic certification.

An immediate and steady nutrient supply is made possible due to the formulation.

Contains soil microbial species of Fungi and Bacteria derived from a diverse range of natural sources.

It has been designed to introduce and feed a broad spectrum of microbiological life.

With Nitrogen fixing Microbes farm soils have been able to successfully produce additional Nitrogen and much higher quality crops.


All care is taken to produce a quality product that will give the results you are looking for.

Please see our returns and refunds policy if you have ordered this product by mistake.


It is not possible to give a refund on this product if it is opened and or partly used.

Product Info

Organic Liquid Fertiliser has been specially formulated to provide the nutrients your plants need in a form they can utilize.   Therefore it improves the soil, encourages beneficial bacteria, promotes root health and improves the soils water retention capabilities.   Follow the instructions on the label and you should have no problems.


You can also purchase larger quantities of 5 liters or fill in a custom quote form if wanting more than five liters.