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Organic Liquid Fertiliser


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Organic Liquid Fertiliser


1 x Organic Liquid Fertiliser x 1 liter


1 x 1 liter container


Organic Liquid Fertiliser is a specially prepared CERTIFIED blend of microbes, mycorrhiza, and  other necessary plant supplements to help your plants grow and thrive.

This very strong concentrated mix can be sprayed on your veggies or ornamental plants.

Started with a well-diluted amount so you don’t overdo it and ruin your plants.

Too much fertiliser can kill your plants as I found out.

Therefore with this liquid Fertiliser “less is better”

Mix 2 to 5 mils per liter of water. Never mix more than 10 ml per liter of water.

If you over fertilize your plants you will notice the edges of the leaves going brown, literally overnight.

So start with less and put on more often, rather than more applied less often.

If you feed your crops liquid fertiliser your plants will be able to ward off predators naturally.

This is because their cell structure is stronger to ward off any attack.

And if you are a farmer you will find your cattle or sheep will want to graze on soil fertilised with this organic fertiliser or Organic Soil Conditioner

When this fertiliser is used on farms for produce, farmers can almost double the yield of their crop.

As a farmer, you will know this when you weight your produce.

For the home gardener, it is a good all round organic liquid fertiliser.

One liter will last a long time because once you fertilise your garden the microbes increase with time.

So your soil continues to improve. Couple that with a few Compots for your kitchen waste and you can’t go wrong.

Large quantities for farming purposes can be arranged through a custom quote.  We will contact you on receiving the request.

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General Info

This certified organic Liquid fertiliser is made from a special blend of  natural ingredients to get the best balance of nutrients for your soil.    It is rigorously tested to be sure it ‘cuts the mustard’ to give you the best results in your garden.

You can use the Soil Conditioner instead of the liquid fertiliser if you so choose.    It all depends on how you want to apply it and whether you want to store some for another day.   And what area you are covering etc.   Organic Liquid Fertiliser is ideal for anyone wanting to improve their soil and plants in a short space of time.