Composting is the breakdown of organic waste into useable components that can be absorbed by plants. When you add compost to the soil in your garden, it returns essential nutrients and minerals that plants strip away during the growing season. It provides many benefits to home gardeners, and Direct Compost Solutions wants you to reap the benefits of composting. Thus, we make it easy to buy compost bins online.

Benefits of Composting

Whether you grow flowers or vegetables in containers or beds, compost added to the soil provides many benefits. As plants grow they absorb essential nutrients from the soil which leaves the ground lacking for the next generations. The microorganisms in the composter break down dead organic matter such as leaves, grass clipping, and kitchen waste to release the nutrients plants need and adding compost reenergises your soil with plant supporting compounds.

The humus material that your home composting system produces holds onto moisture longer than soil that lacks organic matter. Your plants will not only appreciate the nutrients from the compost but also its moisture retaining abilities which allows you to water less.

Some soils can be hard for plants to inhabit because of their consistency. For example, sandy soil allows water to run out of it and can create an environment that is too dry for plants. Clay can be tight and dense making it difficult for plants to grow a root system. Some soil may be contaminated with pesticides, herbicides, or pollutants that inhibits the growth of your plants. Adding compost to poor soil rehabilitates it so it can support healthy crops and flowers.

A variety of organisms decompose the lawn or kitchen waste to create compost, and when you add compost to your soil, the microorganisms go with it. Composting organisms such as worms and bacteria have a beneficial relationship with plants, and their presence can help fend off diseases that infect the plants.

Buy a Home Composting System Online

We want you and your garden to reap all the benefits of composting which is why we make it easy to buy a home composting system online. We offer Compot brand composters which take the hassle out of home composting. Some people don’t like traditional composting because it can make an unsightly mess, smell, and attract pests. When you buy a Compot composter online, you no longer have these downsides.

After you buy compost bins online, you bury them strategically throughout your garden, so they are out of sight. You leave the lid accessible so you can add yard and kitchen waste easily. The waste breaks down inside the Compot and is released through the various holes. Because it is buried in your garden, you don’t smell it or see it, and pests stay out of it.

If you want to buy a home composting system online contact Direct Compost Solutions. Our caring staff can help you determine how many composting bins to buy online, what type of waste to put in them, and where you should place them in your garden.