I think the soldier flies must really love prawn shells – and still no smell – yay,  so nice to not have to put them in the freezer till bin day.   I’m going to water blast my green bin and it will stay pristine from now on.   And no more yucky bins in the house either – don’t even need bin liners now, and that’s a good thing!  Plus – no more little Antechinus and bush turkeys eating or destroying my garden.

When I abandoned using the compost tumbler for lack of time I had a dream that if I wrapped my scraps in newspaper and used a biodegradable bin liner it was ok.   So I’m sure my dreams are very happy with the Compots as well.   So please keep going with your business.   I think it’s the little things in life that make such a difference at the end of the day and Compots are one of those really valuable little things.