Lemon Tree Just wanted to feedback to you my experience with using the compot system in my home garden.  We have always composted, initially using the two open bin method, but had problems with vermin, so switched to a compost tumbler.  Because we were continually adding new waste to the tumbler, it was very hard to ever get material that was fully composted to use.  I wasn’t sure how the compot system would work but thought I’d give it a try, initially with three pots.

We had recently done a large yard landscape makeover, where not much of our original garden survived, and we lost a lot of good topsoil.  The process took a couple of years to get finished and I had a lemon tree that had limped along through the whole thing.  It had never been a great tree previously, and I was always having to treat it with trace element fertiliser to keep it kicking along.  I now have a compot bin dug in nearby, and it is flourishing, looking the healthiest and most vigorous I have ever seen it, without any additional treatment. ( Photo attached)  The results were so impressive, and the system so easy to use, I added extra pots around the garden.  They have helped rebuild the quality of the soil left in really poor condition after the landscaping.  I again see worms, and have some strong growth on new plants. ( Photo of hibiscus 12 months old, planted from small 140mm pots)  I am a complete convert to this way of composting, it is so easy and the results come quickly and easily, without all the effort associated with traditional composting. I now plan to place the buckets all around the garden, so I can continually use them in rotation, and feed the whole yard with all our waste.