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The EASIEST composter you will ever use.

  • Invisible in your garden
  • Feeds your plants directly
  • Easy to install or remove
  • Requires little to no ongoing maintenance
  • Creates a mini ecosystem in your garden
  • Reduces your council waste by over 50%
  • No worms necessary – unless your soil is poor
  • Fertilisers your plants naturally
  • Keeps vermin, and toddlers out
  • Mow straight over the top with the lid in the reverse position
  • COMPOTTOP  is an optional extra used as a propagator either on top of the Compot or directly in your garden

Ideal for the smart gardener

  • Easily installed, only one small hole to dig per pot
  • Anything organic can be put in the pot, including fats and oils, meat and bones, citrus, onions
  • Never has to be turned or moved, but easy to move if need be
  • No need to chop up food – just toss everything in
  • You can run the mower right over the COMPOT
  • Eliminates need for worm farms, no need to empty heavy worm trays
  • No ugly large composters taking up space in your garden
  • Scatter around your garden for maximum benefit

Environmentally friendly

  • COMPOT reduces council waste by over 50%
  • Creates a natural ecosystem, attracts beneficial soldier flies, worms and wildlife
  • Produces natural, organic fertilizer, neutralizes and conditions the soil
  • Works all year round