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The Eco-Eze Compot Composter is revolutionizing urban composting with its innovative design and user-friendly features. Created out of a necessity for a practical and efficient composting solution, the Eco-Eze Compot offers a hassle-free way to compost organic waste in busy city environments. Discover our journey and more about Eco-Eze Compot.

The Eco-Eze Compot stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of composting solutions, particularly tailored for the unique challenges faced by urban dwellers. As urbanization accelerates, the need for sustainable waste management practices becomes increasingly paramount. However, traditional composting methods often prove cumbersome, impractical and aesthetically unappealing in densely populated urban environments.

Enter the Eco-Eze Compot, a revolutionary composting system designed to seamlessly integrate into urban living spaces while addressing the key pain points associated with traditional composting methods. Unlike conventional compost bins that are bulky, unsightly and prone to attracting pests, the Eco-Eze Compot embodies elegance and efficiency in its sleek design and functional features.

Crafted with a keen eye for urban aesthetics, the Eco-Eze Compot boasts a compact footprint that fits seamlessly into balconies, patios and even indoor spaces (such as a garage), making it a versatile solution for urbanites with limited outdoor real estate. Its lockable lid ensures that odours are contained and pests are kept at bay, providing peace of mind to users concerned about sanitation and hygiene.

Moreover, the Eco-Eze Compot is not merely a compost bin – it is a catalyst for sustainability and environmental stewardship. By transforming organic waste into nutrient-rich compost, it empowers users to close the loop on their consumption habits, reducing landfill waste and nourishing their gardens with natural fertilizers.

The journey to the creation of the Eco-Eze Compot began with a simple yet profound realization – that existing composting solutions were ill-suited to meet the needs of urban residents like myself. Fuelled by a passion for innovation and a commitment to sustainability, I embarked on a mission to design a composting system that would not only meet the practical demands of urban living but also inspire a shift towards more eco-conscious lifestyles.

The result is the Eco-Eze Compot – a testament to the power of human ingenuity in the face of environmental challenges. As we navigate an increasingly urbanized world, the Eco-Eze Compot stands as a beacon of hope, offering a simple yet transformative solution to one of the most pressing issues of our time. With the Eco-Eze Compot, composting becomes not just a chore, but a joyful act of stewardship towards our planet and future generations.

The Eco-Eze Compot was created out of a deep-seated passion for environmental sustainability and a desire to make a tangible difference in how we manage waste, particularly in urban settings. Witnessing the escalating challenges of waste management and the strain it places on our planet, we felt compelled to take action.

Fill... Forget... Refill.

About Eco-Eze Compot


In pursuit of making a common idea commercially viable for all, I embarked on a mission to create a simple and efficient system for composting and recycling. My objective was to cater to the needs of anyone seeking an uncomplicated solution, regardless of age, space limitations, or gardening experience.

I envisioned a system that would be effortless to install and remove, user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and seamlessly blend into any garden setting. It was imperative for the solution to ensure safety, effectively keeping vermin and curious toddlers at bay. Additionally, it needed to be lightweight and easy to handle, suitable for individuals of all ages, from the elderly to young children.

Acknowledging the diversity of households and lifestyles, I aimed to design a composting system adaptable to any environment – be it a small urban garden or a sprawling backyard oasis, accommodating both small and large families. Versatility was a priority, ensuring the solution would be inclusive for all.

Above all, I envisioned a system requiring minimal maintenance – a set-and-forget approach that eliminated the need for regular turning or emptying, allowing users to simply fill it up and let nature take its course.

Thus, the Compot was conceived – a testament to my vision of providing a simple, accessible and versatile solution for composting and recycling, empowering individuals and communities to embrace sustainable living practices effortlessly.

Reversible Lid

eco-eze Compost-Bin-Lid

The development of the lockable reversible lid was a result of my extensive experimentation with different techniques of direct composting and my determination to seamlessly integrate the Compot into my garden while ensuring its security from animals. As I tinkered with various approaches, the lid evolved to serve multiple functions: concealing the Compot within the garden landscape and safeguarding it against wildlife intrusion.

This innovative lid design also introduced an unexpected benefit—it allowed for easy mowing over the Compot. This feature is particularly advantageous for anyone who  maintains a meticulously manicured lawn that extends right up to the base of several trees scattered throughout a  garden. Unlike defined, edged garden spaces, these trees posed a challenge for conventional composting systems. However, with the Compot’s lockable reversible lid, I can effortlessly mow over it without disrupting its functionality or compromising the aesthetics of my garden.

Thus, what began as a quest for a discreet and secure composting solution evolved into a design innovation that not only blends seamlessly into the garden landscape but also enhances its functionality, providing me with the convenience and peace of mind to maintain my garden with ease.


Propagator top for growing seeds

The concept of the Compottop arose when I realized the potential of the upturned lid. While it may not appeal to every gardener, it offers a playful method for growing seeds and a hands-on learning experience for kids interested in propagation. Additionally, the Compottop can be directly utilized in the garden, simplifying the propagation process. This convenience is especially beneficial for busy individuals like myself, requiring no additional space.

With limited time for traditional composting methods, the Compottop provides a viable solution. Not only does it allow me to recycle waste and cultivate thriving plants and soil, but it also significantly reduces my household waste sent to council bins. In fact, I’ve managed to decrease my waste output from one full rubbish bin each week to less than a quarter full bin per month.

While I occasionally dispose of palm fronds in my council bin due to time constraints, the overall reduction in waste volume has enabled me to downgrade to a smaller bin, resulting in cost savings on council rubbish collection. This not only benefits the environment but also my wallet, making the Compottop an invaluable addition to my sustainable living practices.

Bring Life To Your Garden


I genuinely hope that you discover the same ease and satisfaction in using the Compot as I have. May your composting journey be filled with joy and success!

For further insights, explore our comprehensive articles available in the Composting or Gardening sections and always keep in mind, that “Everything is Solvable.” 

With this innovative system, composting becomes foolproof. Transform all your odorous waste into nutrient-rich soil effortlessly with Eco-Eze Compot.

And as a gentle reminder, remember the mantra: Fill, Forget and Refill.

Happy Eco-Eze Compoting!

Vicki Brun

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    Black Friday Special

    Coupon Code: BFriday

    Receive A Free Compot + Lid

    With 1, 2, 4 or 5 Compot + Lid order.

    *One coupon redeemable per order.
    (Valid: 20th – 30th November)