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Owner of Direct Compost Solutions - Victoria Brun
Victoria Brun

Direct Compost Solutions Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company established in 2013 to bring to the public an easy way to compost “ALL” your kitchen waste.

The journey began in 2009 discussing composting with a friend and an easy way she composted her kitchen waste.   At the time there was nothing on the market for in-ground composting in Australia and no one knew about using Soldier Fly Larvae for composting.   Not even I. I discovered this after 4 years of testing and experimenting and realised they were faster and more efficient than worms. Thus the final design of the COMPOT (Compost in a Pot) was achieved and launched onto the market on the 1st March 2013. We have come a long way since that day.

The name has been changed to ECO-EZE COMPOT COMPOSTER to allow for sale in countries other than Australia as the business continues to grow.

Our vision is to get as many people as possible recycling “ALL” their kitchen waste directly into their gardens instead of sending it off to council tips.   This would make a significant difference to the planet if everyone composted in their backyards even if they aren’t gardeners.   Councils could reduce the number of times a council truck has to pass by a property to collect waste, thus reducing the carbon footprint and each persons costs as well. Some councils allow you to trade in your council bin for a smaller bin reducing the yearly cost to you to dispose of your waste in council tips.

The company continues to make inroads into educating people of a different way to compost “ALL” their kitchen waste.   This is achieved through garden trade fairs, giving talks to garden clubs, retirement villages and showing people online with ‘how to’ videos.

The company is Australian owned by Victoria Brun (the designer of the eco-eze Compot) and the product is currently manufactured in Australia.    We prefer to use virgin material that can be recycled at the end of its useful life (roughly 10 years plus) because recycled plastic is not as durable, and may leach chemicals into the soil (depending on the type of recycled material used). Something we don’t want occurring in a vegetable garden or around edible plants especially if we are trying to be grow organically. However some people prefer to used our recycled product.

The eco-eze Compot is best suited to urban gardens but can be used in almost any situation by following a few simple rules.    We produce a quality, durable and versatile product that should give you many years of composting enjoyment nourishing your garden without the usual hard work that composting involves.

The eco-eze Compot composter is unique because you can dispose of “ALL” your kitchen waste including Meat, Dairy, Citrus, Oil, Onions, Tea Bags, Coffee, Paper Towel, Ocean Produce, anything biodegradable – even doggie doos.   Plus it has an added attachment that allows you to propagate seeds for those of you that are avid backyard growers or even just casual gardeners.   It suits many people and many different situations. Try one to find out for yourself the benefits you get in your garden, your soil, your reduced council waste and much more. It is simple, fun and easy.

We stand by our product and offer a money back guarantee if your waste does not turn to soil.

You can’t fail. Whatever you do it will eventually turn your awful waste to awesome soil and amazing plants.

How the Compot Works

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