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Composting articles show how to compost using the ECO-EZE Compot composter and various ways you can use this system to compost ALL your kitchen waste including meat, citrus, dairy, onions, oil, paper towel, coffee, tea, anything biodegradable, even doggie doos.


8 Ways to Compost Dog Waste at Home

8 Ways to Compost Dog Waste at Home is a list of 6 common methods of composting and 2 New Methods that can be used to compost Dog Waste or any other pet waste, simply and easily in your back yard  The 2 New Methods

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Composting Juiced Pulp

Composting Juiced Pulp, Wet & Dry, Buried V in a Compot, turned out to be an interesting experiment as the experiment was altered by the excessive rain and flooding across

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What Makes Good Compost?

What makes good compost? Compost is the result of a successively staged natural oxidation process that transforms heterogeneous solid organic matter into a homogenous fine particle, called humus. But how

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8 Methods of Composting

8 Methods of Composting is what I consider to be the most commonly used methods of composting for a business or home environment.
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