Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping & Delivery options for Direct Compost Solutions are with either our Courier Service, Australia Post or Pick Up. As a small business, we are able to offer you a range of shipping options through a Courier Company called Transdirect.
When you enter your postcode in the checkout page you will be presented with a number of choices.
It is up to you who you choose as your preferred courier (and delivery options), or Australia Post. Postage rates can vary considerably depending on where you live.    The new updated shipping process should provide you with the three cheapest options to post (and one signature option). You can choose any option but be aware that the couriers cannot post to a PO BOX number, only to a business or residential address. Australia Post accept PO BOX items.

Or you may choose to collect your order either by calling us or booking your order on line but choose to pay by EFT. Don’t pay the invoice till you come to collect your order and we deduct the postage charges off the total of your order. This just gives me very clear instructions on what you are ordering, so I make less mistakes. You may call to place your order over the phone if you need a custom quote for a bundle not listed. You can then pay by credit card over the phone or pay when you collect your order.

We try to post orders every day or every two days but sometimes circumstances don’t allow this so your order might take another two or three days. But it will never be more than 10 days. After that it is reliant on the postal services to deliver. We have no control over the post. In all cases you can track your order with the courier tracking code or the Australia Post tracking number if your order is for any DCS products. Seed orders can be tracked or untracked depending on what option you choose.

In almost all areas it costs the same to post one Compot as it does to post three.    So make the most of your postage and order three, especially if you are more than a one-person household. After three pots the postage rates increase but will stay roughly the same up to 14 Compots for most areas. To check the cost of your postage choose a package and follow the check out procedure to the point where you type in your postcode.   Wait for the postage options to appear to see the choices of postage options and costs.

Do not proceed any further and go back to choose a different bundle and re-enter your postcode to see what the difference in postage is for the different bundles you might like.  Make sure you clear your cart first before choosing a different bundle. If that is too complicated then please email us or call us and let us help you. (07) 3358 3716. Sometimes you might live in a remote town where none of the courier companies listed in the Transdirect App have a service in that area, so the shipping charges can be excessive, even with Australia Post. In this instance, you can call us or email us to see if I can offer you a better solution or deal in way of a discount.   We want everyone to enjoy the Compots so we want to help you enjoy them too. (07) 3358 3716 or 0467 006 529.

Postage rates are too high

If any order is over $20.00 we always consider if we can offer you a better deal depending on the size of the order and the overall cost.    Sometimes if you have tested several Compot bundles to see what the post costs to your area, the postage calculator may not reset and charges you double the post.  This is rare but it can happen.  We will always give you a refund in these circumstances or any circumstances where we get a cheaper postage rate than what you were quoted or paid.

Some people prefer to swap the refund for Garden Supplements or Seeds in lieu of the refund. The choice is yours depending on the size of the refund. The refunds are processed the same day we post your order. Or I might just add something extra to your order if the difference is small between what you paid and what the postage total actually was.

Heritage Seed Orders

Heritage seeds are all sent Australia Post unless included in an order of Compots or Compot Tops.  Currently we charge $2.40 for every 5 packet of seeds. Once you hit 15 packets you will automatically get a tracked envelope for $5.40. From 15 to 30 seeds the website will charge you $9.40 for a tracked padded parcel. From 30 to 50 seeds give or take a few, you will be charged $18.90 for a tracked padded parcel. Please email us if you wish to use another option.  A very large order can sometimes work out cheaper to send it by courier.  Preparing a seed order can take time depending on the size of the order but we endeavor to get your order posted within three to five business days (usually every second day).   However, this is sometimes not possible and we will contact you and let you know accordingly.   Or you can call us if you have any queries or questions on (07) 3358 3716 or 0467 006 529.
As the seed site now offers better tracking option in a tracked envelope more people are using this option and it is now impossible for us to send everyone their tracking number. However if you parcel does not arrive you can contact us for the number so both of us can track the order and or put in a query to Australia Post. Most orders arrive with in a week but as we have no control over the post, and they have non control over extenuating circumstances such as flood, fires, lockdowns, holiday spending or something else, your order could potentially take more than a week to get to you. Please email us of this late delivery so we can check the tracking for you and or put in a query to Australia Post if delivery is 1 to 3 months overdue.
Unfortunately we do not give refunds on orders lost in the mail, so if you think your address has caused postage issues in the past them please choose the tracking option for any order up to 14 packets. Actually I think after 10 packets the website will automatically charge for tracked post of $5.40.

Lost or Misplaced Orders

It is not common for a parcel to go missing but it can happen from time to time.  Check your tracking notice first (check your spam folder) to see what stage of the delivery process your order is at.  Then email or call us so we can follow up with the courier service.

Usually, the parcel is found and delivered within a day or two, though finding the parcel does take quite a few days. If parcel has accidentally been booked with a wrong address, the courier service will send us notice that they could not deliver. In this case, the courier service may ask for a redirection or rebooking fee. If the error was on our part we pay for the redirection or rebooking fee.

Seed orders sent via Australia Post very rarely go missing. We charge $2.40 for every packet of 5 seeds. If you purchased 15 packets the post will automatically charge you $5.40 and your order will go in a tracked padded package. Larger orders will go in a larger padded package and are charged accordingly. You can choose to have any order of seeds tracked for a minimum of $5.40 but personally I don’t think it is worth paying $5.40 for only 1 to 5 packets of seeds. But it is your choice. The option is there is you wish your order to be tracked. To date Australia Post have not lost one order. If they are undeliverable they will be returned to us where we will contact you for further instructions. The return process can take up to 3 months before we find it in the PO Box.

Sometimes extenuating circumstances can affect the delivery of your order, such as covid lockdowns, fires or floods etc, This may cause temporary delays but you will get your order as soon as is humanly possible. A little more patience is required in these difficult time. But be aware the postal services are all doing the best they can.

Pick up your order

If you wish to pick up your order you may place your order over the phone (07) 3358 3716 or 0467 006 529 or via this link to a custom quote email or from the link on the shop page.    The shopping cart system only allows for postal service orders to be handled online. However you can choose to pay by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) which will not charge you when you place the order. You can then pay when you pickup your order less postage costs.

Arrange a time to collect that suits both parties by emailing, texting or calling (07) 3358 3716 or 0467 006 529

If you have booked and paid for your order online but then decide to collect, we can cancel the courier service if you call us as soon as possible and a refund for the post will be given.

Though you have paid online for the postage, the service is not actually paid for till we book the courier so there is a window of opportunity to cancel the courier service by calling us on (07) 3358 3716  or 0467 006 529 or email us as soon as possible.  Once you receive a notification that the courier service has been booked you need to notify us before the pick up date to cancel the courier. Otherwise you parcel may be collected before you cancel. At this point in time it is pointless to cancel the courier. The courier usually comes before midday so you have till 9am on the day of collection to cancel the courier, but it is better to do it the night before (if you can) so I have plenty of notice to cancel the courier.

Overseas Orders

If you are from overseas you can email us if you are interested in purchasing the Compot or fill in a the Custom Quote form. We then email you a list of postage options currently available. If you are happy with the postage options we fill the order and send you an invoice with options to pay. I think pay pal is the easiest option. They do the exchange rate for you. All you have to do is click the option “Pay in AUD” and they will do the rest. If you don’t have a Pay Pal account you can make a “One Off” credit card payment with them. Your order goes in the mail as soon as we receive payment and we email you a tracking number that you can track on the Australia Post website.

Unforeseen issues

Any other postage issues outside of what is written in this list will be dealt with as they arise. We thank you kindly for supporting our business and hope you get as much enjoyment from the Compot or other products as we do. Remember to call if you can’t work something out. 0467 009 529 – Victoria Brun

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