EASY Clever compost bin solution

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The EASIEST composter you will ever use

  • list-styleCompost Meat, Citrus, Onions, Oil, Dairy.
  • list-styleCompost animal waste as well
  • list-styleReduce your council waste
  • list-styleNo more smelly council bins
  • list-styleInvisible in your garden
  • list-styleFeeds your plants directly
  • list-styleEasy to install or remove
  • list-styleSuper fast results
  • list-styleNo hard work, no turning
  • list-styleCompost Anything Biodegradable
  • list-styleJust Fill..Forget..Refill
  • list-styleSuper fast composting
  • list-styleNo chopping up of food necessary
  • list-styleNo separating your waste
  • list-styleNo more freezing food till rubbish day
  • list-styleNo more smelly council bins
  • list-styleNo turning, no hard work
  • list-styleEasy to install, Easy to move
  • list-styleInvisible in your garden
  • list-styleFertilise your garden naturally
  • list-styleAustralian Made and Manufactured
  • list-styleReverse the lid to mow over it
  • list-styleMore space in your garden
  • list-styleWorks all year round
  • list-styleWorms look after themselves
  • list-styleReduce council waste by over 50%
  • list-styleEasy to fill, refill or empty
  • list-styleSimply Fill Forget and Refill when ready
  • list-stylePlant several for maximum effect
  • list-styleCompost  ALL your kitchen waste – meat, dairy citrus onions, oil, even animal waste


Environmentally friendly

  • list-styleNo harmful chemicals
  • list-styleWorks all day every day for you for years
  • list-styleCreates a mini ecosystem in your garden
  • list-styleProduces beautiful natural fertiliser
  • list-styleSaves the environment from reduced council waste
  • list-styleTherefore reduced methane in the atmosphere
  • list-styleKeeps lots of good bugs happy
  • list-styleMakes beautiful soil and compost
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