In-Ground Composter Comparison Guide

In-ground Composter Comparison Guide

In-Ground Composter Comparison Guide takes a quick look at several composters now available on the market.

The old tried and true method of composting directly in the ground has been made easier by the use of in-ground composters.  This saves time and effort in digging holes around the garden and in some cases is more efficient.

The comparison is based on my own experiences and information given to me by my customers who have tried many of these methods.   Of course, what might suit one person does not suit another as we all have different needs and ways of using things to get results we expect in the garden.

Quick Comparison Guide

Feel free to let me know if you have found any different results from any of these methods.  It all helps other people in their decision-making process of choosing a composter. These are average results from different people.

They all have a place in our gardens.  It is up to you which one you choose for the purpose intended.
For further information on choosing a composter, you might like to read the

12 Things to consider when choosing a composter.   

This article looks at all the different composting methods – not just in-ground composters.

8 Composting Methods
6 to 10 days and its gone

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