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Tammy Nguyen
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I knew about Vicki's compot system about 2 years ago. At first, I was wondering how it works and whether it is a fast and effective composting system. Vicki was very helpful in explaining how it works and offered lots of tips to set up different ways to use the compot.
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I purchased two of these compost bins, put them into my flower gardens, started putting all of my scraps into one first and then the other. So now I just rotate using them. I am very glad I purchased two, as it’s working very well for me.
Hendrika Kwan
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Install once and just top it like any dustbin. A dustbin that handles any waste that will rot. The plants then help themselves to available nutrients and the organic mattee will be reduced in time. Simple, straight forward and self maintaining.
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I love my Compots….. “I agree with other comments already here. I have been using compots in my garden for about two and half years now. We have very sandy soil and the compots have been a great addition; using my kitchen scraps to provide much needed organic matter to our soil while fertilising those plants in their vicinity. They are easy to use and work brilliantly…..and the worms enjoy them too. It was a delight to see worms appear in our very depleted soil. In addition Vicki has been a delight to deal with. I have just bought my Mum some pots.”
Composting In America….. “Very effective and by far the most simplest way to compost every perishable item one can think of”
V. Patrachari
Seed Quality….. “I am just a keen backyard vege grower but all the seeds I have purchased from DCS via AB Seeds have been of exceptional quality and extremely good value. Great products from a supplier who genuinely cares about delivering nothing but the best.”
Scott Sauerwald
Wonderful compost maker….. “I have used the Compot for about three years now & have just ordered some more for my daughter & myself. It is so easy to use & I highly recommend it to make lovely friable compost which I add to my garden to improve the garden soil – & it is free & an ongoing supply whilst using all my kitchen scraps!! I prefer to cut mine up to small pieces to aid the rate of decomposition. Thank you again Vicki for such a great product!! I love it !! So much easier & quicker than the big bin I used to use. I now have arthritis in my hands but can manage this easily.”
Hibiscus Tree

“……This little dwarf lemon tree has been transplanted 3 times in one year. The poor little plant has struggled immensely to grow and has never flowered. I had tried fertiliser and all the nursery recommended product to help it along without any success. So, on it’s third move to its “forever” home I decided to take a different process. I tipped the content of my 3/4 full Compot directly into the hole I had dug for the plant, sprinkled some soil over the compost and popped in the plant

Results are amazing….. “Bought five of these a little while ago and the results are amazing. Anne transferred the compost from these onto a Chilli plant that had never really done very well and within a week it was full of lush foliage. Very Cool.!!!!”
Tom Smith
Brilliant for dog poo….. “I am finding my Compot works brilliantly for dog poo…”
Customer at Nambour Expo
Lemon tree is flourishing….. “Just wanted to feedback to you my experience with using the compot system in my home garden. We have always composted, initially using the two open bin method, but had problems with vermin, so switched to a compost tumbler. Because we were continually adding new waste to the tumbler, it was very hard to ever get material that was fully composted to use. I wasn’t sure how the compot system would work but thought I’d give it a try, initially with three pots. We had recently done a large yard landscape makeover, where not much of our original garden survived, and we lost a lot of good topsoil. The process took a couple of years to get finished and I had a lemon tree that had limped along through the whole thing. It had never been a great tree previously, and I was always having to treat it with trace element fertiliser to keep it kicking along. I now have a compot bin dug in nearby, and it is flourishing, looking the healthiest and most vigorous I have ever seen it, without any additional treatment. ( Photo attached) The results were so impressive, and the system so easy to use, I added extra pots around the garden. They have helped rebuild the quality of the soil left in really poor condition after the landscaping. I again see worms, and have some strong growth on new plants. ( Photo of hibiscus 12 months old, planted from small 140mm pots) I am a complete convert to this way of composting, it is so easy and the results come quickly and easily, without all the effort associated with traditional composting. I now plan to place the buckets all around the garden, so I can continually use them in rotation, and feed the whole yard with all our waste.”
Jackie B from NSW
A pleasing solution….. “I wanted to congratulate you! The compot provides a complete and aesthetically pleasing solution to unsightly and smelly composts, something I and I imagine many other urban gardeners have been seeking for quite a while! Bravo on the marketing too. .. so I’ll see you at your lovely stall again early Feb, ready for my second investment…. ”
Fast Growing Wheat Grass…. “My Compottop grows the wheatgrass twice as fast as it does in my wheat grass trays.”
Customer at the markets
Compots Keep Soil Moist….. “Fantastic. They are the only thing keeping my soil moist in this dry hot weather up in Rockhampton”
Councillor Tom Wyatt
It’s all decomposed….. “My pots are going so well…..cannot believe every time I go to pot 1, 2, 3 etc it’s all decomposed – except for the newspaper which does take a while, I really don’t get any compost out of them, which is great because I figure it’s all going into the surrounds. (I should add here that ‘D’ does not put meat in her Compots as she doesn’t eat meat. Just fruit and veg scrapes and newspaper. I put meat in mine which the Solider Fly will decompose really fast and newspaper will decompose over time if kept wet – Vicki) ”
D of Hamilton
Propagating On Top….. “I have my 5 pots in the ground and full of compost and worms..Love them. Have recommended them to all my friends. Using the tops over two for seeds and was surprised to find seeds germinating within a week, even in this cold weather. I would like another 3 tops ”
K of Brisbane
Loving My Compots….. “Just wanted to say I am loving my Compot, I purchased two from the Nambour Garden Expo. No more smelly garbage hanging around as I have no garbage collection where I live. A big Thank You Vicki ”
J of Nambour
Rose Garden Compost Magic….. “My rose garden has never had worms in it so I planted a Compot to help nourish the soil and now the whole garden bed is just teaming with worms…truly amazing ”
J of Blackbutt
My Compots Are Brilliant….. “Just wanted to tell you how much I love my Compots. I have 3 in my garden and I can’t believe how brilliant they are. Thank you …… Customer at Nambour Garden Expo. 11th July 2015”
Eta Brand
just one is awesome….. “I could only take 1 Compot with me when I moved house. The others were stuck in the ground, but just one is awesome. Look at my veggies. I’ve ordered 3 more anyway. I’m the laziest composter ever and you have the best and easiest product by far. I hope you sell at least one to every home that has a courtyard or back yard. Good Luck……”
love prawn shells….. “I think the soldier flies must really love prawn shells – and still no smell – yay, so nice to not have to put them in the freezer till bin day. I’m going to water blast my green bin and it will stay pristine from now on. And no more yucky bins in the house either – don’t even need bin liners now, and that’s a good thing! Plus – no more little Antechinus and bush turkeys eating or destroying my garden. When I abandoned using the compost tumbler for lack of time I had a dream that if I wrapped my scraps in newspaper and used a biodegradable bin liner it was ok. So I’m sure my dreams are very happy with the Compots as well. So please keep going with your business. I think it’s the little things in life that make such a difference at the end of the day and Compots are one of those really valuable little things.”
P. Sweatman
rich composted soil….. “Hi Vicki, Just saw you FB post with that huge worm and it reminded me that I meant to let you know about my compots. I emptied out the ones in my veggie beds the other day as they seemed to be pretty full of what looked like a good composted garden mix and my idea was just to add it into the other garden soil to help improve it and then start the compots off again. Well, when I emptied them out not only was there nice rich composted soil in them but there were heaps of worms too. Absolutely great. They quickly all scurried down into the soil again so now that I’ve refilled the compots they can start chomping away on that and start all over again. Your compots are absolutely brilliant and do exactly what you describe. I’m so glad I found them. Regards Annette”
Annette M
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