You would like to reduce your waste – wouldn’t you!


You would like to reduce your waste – wouldn’t you!    It has been shown that up to 60% of all the weekly mix of garbage bin waste contains organic matter that could be much much much better used in your garden.

More than 8.4 MILLION tonnes of Organic Matter is landfilled each year.

By reducing the volume in your bin each week, you will save (via your local council) up to 60% of the collection costs, 60% of the transport costs and 60% of the disposal costs. Assuming that your council is on board to make changes.

This COULD reduce your rates (or at least, keep them at the same level for now) as the costs of your waste disposal could be reduced by up to 60% just by you using the eco-eze Compot Composter in your garden.

Filling a Compot with Organic Matter
Filling an eco-eze Compot with ALL your kitchen waste

When you use your eco-eze Compot composter, you will be recycling ALL your “kitchen waste“ from your kitchen into amazing Organic Matter that feeds your plants naturally and feeds worms in your garden.  Your huge “family “ of worms and Soldier Flies, will transform your stinky waste into sumptuous soil that will feed your plants, help retain water, and provide organic nutrients for your garden at no extra cost just by using your Compot.

And you can dispose of your smelly animal waste as well. Just not in your veggie garden.

Organic Matter is a wonderful material as it holds water and nutrients on the surface of the material and lets plant roots extract and use the water and nutrients rather than them being lost when it rains or is watered as then the fertiliser is washed down below the root zone and out of reach of those roots.

Today’s Did You Know…?

Vanilla Vine

Vanilla Essence

Vanilla essence is made from the seed pods of the orchid Vanilla planifolia that is a native of the West Indies, Florida & Central America.   Real vanilla essence (ie: not the yucky stuff made in a laboratory) is made using the seed pods.

But there are no insects in Australian that naturally pollinate these plants so it needs to be done by hand each day which makes it more expensive.

The plant grows to up to 18 m (Bob’s has reached that on this tree) with fleshy, fragrant flowers about 6cm long that open one at a time and last for only one day.   The seed pods are up to 15cm long.

The plant attaches itself to the tree trunk but does not destroy your tree as many other climbers do.   It lives on the nutrients in the bark of the tree and from what drops onto it.

A cutting can be tied to a tree trunk (until it has attached itself to the trunk) by using a stocking as it is firm and has some give. Great for recycling your old stockings.

An elegant looking climber that won’t destroy your tree.

What Makes Good Compost?

8 Methods of Composting

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