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Mineral Rock Dust 1kg



1 x Mineral Rock Dust 1kg
2 x Plastic Bags for safe transport
1 x Instructions


Mineral Rock Dust 1kg is a carefully blended mix of material from rocks like Basalt Gypsum Lignite & Rock Phosphate that add trace elements to your soil.  One kilogram of Mineral Rock Dust is great to buy as a sample to test on your garden or in a potted plant.  Preferably test it against the same plant or vegetable growing in a different place without Mineral Rock Dust added.  This way you can see the difference in the growth and health of the plants.

Spread 1kg of Mineral Rock Dust per linear meter and dig into the soil
2 kg per square meter
Mix 50 /50 with composted soil depending on your soil
Or make up a mixture with potting mix using only 10% of Mineral Rock Dust per quantity of potting mix

It is great around Australia native plants which can be sensitive to phosphorus as they have an extra root system to take up all available phosphorous in the soil.  Mineral Rock Dust does not contain everything you need to grow your plants and sometimes it is safer to use an all-around Soil Conditioner for your garden that has Rock Dust in it, as well as many more beneficial elements blended in a special way to supplement all plants.

Mineral Rocks

Mineral Rock Dust is not just crushed rock as most people think but rather a carefully blended mix of minerals such as Basalt, Gypsum, Lignite & Rock Phosphate.   There can be up to 100 different minerals present.  Most are as exceedingly small amounts of trace elements and their use will create a reserve of these trace elements.

The common minerals supplied by Rock Minerals are Potassium, Calcium, & Magnesium.  But this depends on the natural mix of the rocks that they are derived from & mixed with to form the commercial product.   They may be in small amounts, but trace elements need to be in small amounts otherwise they become toxic to plants even though they are essential to plant (& human) health.

Some trace elements are:

• Manganese (Mn) It helps in the formation of chlorophyll
• Iron (Fe) Important in forming chlorophyll
• Boron (B) influential in the absorption of calcium
• Molybdenum (Mo) Important in Nitrogen Fixation (especially in Legumes)

1 x Mineral Rock Dust 1kg
2 x plastic bags for transport safety
Box:-22cm x 17cm x10cm
Total weight it posted in a box:  2kg

1kg of Mineral Rock Dust can be added to any order of Compots without altering the postage costs.
This is a nice amount to test its use in your garden or potting mix.
Ordering more than 1kg is probably not cost effective unless you order a bucket or a box of Mineral Rock Dust
14kgs Bucket can be added to any order of Compots
20kgs Box can be added to any order of Compots


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