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Recycled Compot x 15


Recycled Portable Compost Bins


15 x Compot Base – Recycled Black

15 x Compot Lid – Recycled black



Fifteen Recycled Portable Compost Bins are an easy way to move compost around your garden if you have a really big garden and a limited amount of waste.

Or perhaps you have a pet shelter with lots of animal waste to dispose of.

Then fifteen of the Back Compots would probably be more than enough for your needs.

And if you don’t have a large ornamental garden then just leave them in one place and never move them.

Top them up with all the animal waste and any kitchen waste you have as well.

The variety of waste seems to keep the soldier flies happier and thus working better for you.

Just rotate filling them the same way you would the green Compots.

If you are going to harvest soil from them and they are mainly full of animal waste then you must let them sit for at least 6 weeks to be sure all the animal waste has been decomposed properly.

This way you won’t be putting your trowel into semi-decomposed doggie doos which could be really stinky.

Depending on what sort of soil you have will depend on how long they need to rest.

If you have really bad clay soil it can take longer whereas sandy soil is quicker as the contents leach away quicker.

Of course, you don’t need to empty them until they have filled up with soil which can take up to a year or two.

Once it is too full to put anymore waste in then you can let one sit.

Be sure with the Black Compost that you put them where no one is likely to walk.

Because they are made of softer weaker recycled plastic the little tabs on the lid can break if you stand on them.

I personally recommend getting the green ones as they will last longer. Can be recycled. Don’t break, and I guarantee the green ones, not the black ones.

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Compot Height: 23cm
Compot Diameter: 24cm
Lid Height: 4cm
Lid Diameter: 23cm outer; 19.5cm inner
Combined Height: 26cm
Capacity: 10 liters per pot
Depth of hole to dig: 23cm
Box Dimensions for shipping: 26cm x 26cm x 60cm
Weight for shipping: 6kgs

Add 1 kg for each 1kg of garden products if added to an order.


The Black Recycled Compots are made from recycled product. They are not as strong as the green virgin plastic  You can break the tabs on the lid if you stand on them and they may not last as long as the virgin green ones which can be recycled at a time when they finally fall apart.

I cannot guarantee the black recycled Compots will not leach chemicals into the soil as it is impossible to know what the plastic container held before it became recycled plastic. There may be nothing in them but unless you test every batch of plastic you can’t know and this testing is not likely to happen due to the cost involved as they would have to test every batch.

I have customers who have them in their veggie garden but I cannot recommend it and nor can I guarantee these pots as they are weaker than the green virgin Compots.
But the choice is yours in the end. The green ones can be recycled when you are finished with them. The Black ones can’t as they are already recycled.


If for any reason you feel the postage to your area is excessive (and sometimes to remote areas it is) please email us or go to this link at Australia Post  and see if the postage is better using the box dimensions and weight listed above, plus your area code and suburb, and our area code and suburb (4005 New Farm).
Click Here for instructions on how to calculate postage with Australia post.
If you get no satisfaction there, please call us or email us and see if we can’t help you get a better deal.

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Product Information :

There is no product information on recycled plastic as it comes from many different sources.


All care is taken to produce a quality product that will work for you all day every day giving you many years of satisfaction, as well as naturally fertilizing your garden, reduced council waste and therefore reduce greenhouse methane gas emissions.

Please see our returns and refunds policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase but please call us first. It is very rare for the Compot not to work and you might just need a little extra information.

Or check out our FAQs and Tips and Tricks page.

 General Info:

The Black Recycled Compots are exactly the same as the green virgin Compots except they are made out of recycled plastic.    You still use them the same way by burying them in the ground and filling them with all your waste and covering them with a suitable garden cover.

They are however not as strong as the virgin green compots and you cannot stand on them or the tabs may break., therefore I do not guarantee the black recycled Compots.  If you have little children running around your garden I personally would recommend the green Compots.

You still use them the same way by burying them in the ground and filling them with all your waste and covering them with a suitable garden cover.

They are really good if you just want them for waste disposal or for animal waste disposal.  If using them for your animal waste you should put them in your ornamental garden rather than a veggie patch because in our western cultures we medicate our pets too much so you never know what is in their poop.    Plus you don’t know if chemicals might leach out of the recycled plastic either.   So I don’t recommend you put them in a veggie garden, but rather around your ornamental plants.

I have customers that have them in veggie gardens but that is their choice.  In the end, it is up to you.   But this is still better than throwing the waste and poop in your council bin which generally makes it stink quite badly, especially animal poop.  Unless of course, you have wrapped it up in a few plastic bags creating another problem with plastic bags.

For best results mix all your kitchen waste in with your animal waste and any wastewater you have.   Animal waste cannot be eaten by the worms if it is too dry.   So save any wastewater you can and toss it in your Compot with your kitchen waste as well.   The Soldier flies will eat your doggie doos along with all your kitchen waste.     And the worms will finish it all off once the Soldier Flies have vacated.

If you want to harvest soil out of them be sure to let them sit for 4 to 6 weeks to be sure all the animal waste has decomposed.