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Diatomaceous Earth


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Diatomaceous Earth


1 x 400g Diatomaceous Earth

2 x Plastic Bags for transport



Diatomaceous Earth 400g is a small quantity of a naturally occurring sedimentary rock formed from microscopic fossilized diatoms over millions of years.

It is mainly used in the cosmetic industry but is a great garden supplement for bug control in the garden, lice control in your chicken pen and ant and termite control in your house.

If you need the fine powder you can crush this grade inside a plastic bag with a rolling pin

There are two forms of Diatomaceous Earth though only one form is available in Australia, and that is the Food Grade Form.


What is Diatomaceous Earth


1 x 400g Diatomaceous Earth -0.5 to 2mm – coarse grade
2 x Plastic Bags for transport
Weight: 400g of product


400g can be added to any order of Compots
4 kgs can be posted anytime in a bucket.
15kgs can be posted anytime in a bag but is very messy which is why I try and post it in a box.  Please fill in a custom quote for larger quantities than 20kgs.

The bucket is the easiest way to order as it is very messy and light so is difficult to handle in a box.

If ordering Compots it is cheaper to add 400g of product to your order rather than buying it separately as the weight does not change the postage rate of your parcel.

If you need large quantities it is best to fill in a custom quote form.
Email your preference here


If for any reason you feel the postage to your area is excessive (and sometimes to remote areas it is) please email us or go to this link at Australia Post  and see if the postage is better using the box dimensions and weight listed above, plus your area code and suburb, and our area code and suburb (4005 New Farm).
Click Here for instructions on how to calculate postage with Australia post.
If you get no satisfaction there, please call us or email us and see if we can’t help you get a better deal.

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What is Diatomaceous Earth

General Info:

Diatomaceous Earth is used for many different purposes. It holds 200 times its weight in water but seems to dry out quickly. It is generally used for pest control and though some people take it internally there is no scientific evidence to suggest that this is of any value. It is excellent to get rid of ants. I throw it on some beams under the house where I see ants tracking. It stops them in their tracks. But use cautiously as it dries everything out including your hands if you don’t use gloves.


400g can be added to any order of compots or
4kg Bucket is easy to post and store.
15kg Bags can be ordered for farm purposes.