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Lift Pin



1 x Lift Pin

One lift pin is included with 4 stakes with every Compot Top ordered
One lift pin is included in every order of Compots – 1 per order as a complimentary gift


Your lift pin is made from rust proof material. Though it can discolour over time.  It was designed specifically for use with the Compot Top to assist removal of the lid when propagating. It makes it easy to lift the lid up and out of the Compot to further fill up your Compot.   It is mainly used when propagating but many customers and I, find it a handy tool to aid removing the lid, even when not propagating, to keep your hands clean if the lid is full of composter grass clippings and leaves.

The new design of the lid has four holes as opposed to one large one in the middle.  This was a design change to assist with the manufacturing process.  The four holes allow you to put the lift pin into any one of the four holes to aid in lifting the lid out of the Compot.  And now there is not big hole for flies to get in.

If growing wheat grass it is a good idea to put the lift pin in place and leave it there during the propagation process otherwise it is tricky to find the holes when the wheat grass has grown over 3cm tall.    It will not hold the weight of the lid full of soil all by itself so you need to raise the lid on one side and then grab it with your other hand to support the weight of the lid which is generally full of soil and or little seedlings if you are propagating.

I find it handy to help unlock and lift the lid even if not propagating, as I often have slippery gloves on from digging around inside my Compots to show you what is going on inside them. In most circumstances you will not have slippery gloves on unless you are like me and go digging to see what is happening and if your Soldier Flies are hiding under the top layer of waste where they are protected from the light, wind and rain.

People with arthritis may benefit from this tool. It gives them something to hold rather than trying to grab and twist the lid.  Even if you aren’t propagating it really does make it easy to lift the lid up and out of the base of the Compot.

There is not much more to it than that. Very simple handy tool and everyone gets one as a complimentary gift with every order.

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How to use (coming soon)
Growing seeds with the Compot Top (coming soon)
Growing wheatgrass with the Compot Top (coming soon)

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Length: 10cm
Tab length: 2cm
Circle: 4.5cm
Weight for shipping: 0.15kgs

If posted separate to a Compot of Compot Top it will be posted in a standard envelope with some padding.

One Lift Pin and Four Stakes are included with every Compot Top order.
One Lift Pin is included as a complimentary gift with every order even if you did not purchase a Compot Top
If you require more you can just add one to an order without changing the cost of shipping.
If you forget to add extra or just want extra after you received your order you can order them here and I post them in an envelope for $2.20 postage.

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The material varies from time to time depending on what the manufacture has available at the time of ordering.
It is usually a rust proof material but it can discolour a little over time.
They were designed specifically for use with the Compot Top but I am sure you could make one out of a coat hanger perhaps, or some other suitable material if you don’t want to buy another one.
Or if you are really handy  you might be able to fashion a sturdy piece of  wire to do the trick.

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