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Lift Pin


Lift Pin


1 x Lift Pin


Lift Pin is a garden tool used in conjunction with a Compot and Compot Top for easy removal of the lid when propagating seeds on top of a Compot

It was designed as an easy way to lift the lid out of the Compot when refilling your pot with waste.

This means you can keep your hands clean while propagating on top of the Compot.

I do confess it does make it easier to lift the lid out and not get your hands dirty.

This handy tool makes it easy to remove the lid when propagating with the Compot Top especially when growing wheatgrass.

Put your hand down the center of your wheatgrass, grab the pin and gently lift the lid up to refill your Compot below.

It is not meant to take the full weight of the lid so be careful or you may tip all your seeds out.

Lift one edge up and then grab the rim with your other hand.

Watch how this is done on the video “growing wheatgrass” or “how to use the Lift Pin”.

People with arthritis may benefit from this tool. It gives them something to hold rather than trying to grab and twist the lid.

Even if you aren’t propagating it really does make it easy to lift the lid up and out of the base of the Compot.

There is not much more to it than that. Very simple handy tool

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Length: 10cm
Tab: 2cm
Circle: 4.5cm
Weight for shipping: 0.15kgs


A lift pin is included with any order of a Compot Top but if you need extra they can be added to any order without incurring extra postage. Or they can be posted separately through the mail in a regular envelope. But mostly they are posted with an order of Compots and Tops or are a complimentary gift with other orders.

The Compot Top is made of clear plastic with a small amount of UV stabiliser added.  This means it will last for several years in your garden before it deteriorates.  I have had one in the garden in the same spot every day for 5 years now and it is still going strong.  There is no reason why you won’t get 10 years of use out of yours as you will most likely not have it in the sun every single day like I have done to test its endurance.


If for any reason you feel the postage to your area is excessive (and sometimes to remote areas it is) please email us or go to this link at Australia Post  and see if the postage is better using the box dimensions and weight listed above, plus your area code and suburb, and our area code and suburb (4005 New Farm).
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If you get no satisfaction there, please call us or email us and see if we can’t help you get a better deal.

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Product Information :

The Lift Pin is a piece of wire that has been designed and fashioned specifically for the Compot and Top.   If you lose yours you can always get more or make one out of the good old coat hanger.   There are always plenty of those lying around.   Like toilet rolls that I use for propagating – they breed! lol.


Please see our returns and refunds policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase, but please call us first. You might just need some extra info to make your propagator work for you. I am constantly learning new ways to get the best out of it and grow different things.  You can to so just keep experimenting.   All gardening can be trial and error and not everything works the same for one person as it does for another.  Just have fun with it.
Or check out our FAQs and Tips and Tricks page.

General Info:

The Lift Pin evolved as people were telling me they were getting their hands dirty trying to remove the lid from the Compot.   And so the Lift Pin came into being.   I confess it does make it easier to lift the lid out of the pot and keep your hands clean.   Whoever thought gardeners had clean hands.   But it is true – even I was getting dirt under my fingernails when I removed the lid from the Compot when the lid was in the reverse position.   And in my garden that is common as I often mow over my Compots because they are not in defined garden beds.   So most orders now have a lift pin included as a complimentary gift.