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Compot Lid



1 x Compot Lid – Green Virgin material


Compost Lid can be purchased separately as a replacement for a lid you have damaged by accident. Or you might like an extra one to make propagating easier so you can easily swap over a seeded lid with one sitting on top of your Compot. Thus rotating the lids when you are propagating.

But it is not necessary to have more than one per Compot. An extra one is just a bonus if you are using it a lot for propagating. This allows you to prepare your seeds in the lid at leisure before you go and put them on top of a Compot. I often do this on my balcony late at night (due to lack of time during the day), then swap over the lids the next day. It is up to you of course. It does allow you to give the lid an occasional soak in vinegar or a week bleach solution to kill any potential harmful bugs that may have colonised on the lid from a previous progradation. Doing this is much the same as cleaning your tools to reduce the spread of disease. But a good wash and a little sun is probably all that is required.

How to Fill the Lid with Seeds

There are two methods that I use.  You might find another way.

1. When growing wheat grass all you need do is fill the lid with soil, water it well, then lay your seeds on top of the soil. Place your lid on top of a Compot. Do not lock the lid into place or the top will not lock into place. Them simply cover and lock on the Propagator Top and you are good to go.

2. If growing individual seeds, I put toilet rolls in the Lid. Pack around them with soil, fill them up with soil (with a funnel if you have a big one), water well, then plant your seeds. Place some soil in an old strainer and shake some “fines” over the top of your seeds. This makes it easy for the sprouts to push through the topsoil. Then give then another gently water.  They are now ready to put on top of your Compot.

How can you water them gently?

If you have one of those spray bottles you can give them a gently spray. I took a sewing pin, heated it up on a flame and poked it through the lid of a soft drink bottle or any bottle with a plastic lid. The holes are tiny so when you water the little seeds you get a really super gentle spray that won’t knock your seeds out of their holes. Now you are ready to put the lid on top of your Compot to lock on the propagator top.

Remember to check the soil is damp each day till you know how often you need to water or how often you don’t need to water. Covering you seeds with the Compot Top also stops little mice from eating your seeds before they even get a chance to sprout.

There are lots of other things you can use for sprouting your seeds. I prefer the toilet rolls because long roots have somewhere to grow. Then you gently lift out the toilet roll and plant it in the ground with the new seedling that has sprouted. As long are you keep your soil moist, the worms will eat the toilet roll. And lets face it – you never run out of toilet rolls. They are like coat hangers – they breed. lol

Cleaning the Lid

Give the lid a good wash in hot water before you start a new set of seeds. If you are concerned with transferring bugs or disease to a new batch of seeds, then clean with vinegar or a weak bleach solution.

I keep a container of old vinegar for this purpose and sometimes soak the lids in the vinegar overnight. There are other things you could use such as bleach, Pino clean, or any disinfectant. But I would not use any of these unless you have a serious problem with a particular disease that might be difficult to eradicate. AS mentioned above, I think a good clean with soapy hot water and a bit of sun will do the trick.

Can I order extra Lift Pins?

Absolutely.  Either add them to an order of Compots or order separately.

I always include a lift pin in every eco-eze Compot order, so you get one Free Lift Pin with every order.

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How to use the Lid for Propagating (coming soon)
Growing Wheatgrass (coming soon)

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Having an extra lid is most helpful when propagating seeds.
This allows you to prepare your seeds in the lid away from the garden – perhaps in your shed.
Then swap over the lid on top of the Compot for the lid full of seeds.
It is not absolutely necessary for you to do this.  Just an extra option.


It has been known for people to forget they have a compot in the ground and run over their soil with a rotary hoe.
This will no doubt ruin your lid so you may need just a replacement lid.
I only have the green ones listed to replace as the black lids are mostly used above ground.
However if you need replacement Black Lids you can order the green lids and just put a note in the extra instructions box to swap for black lids.

Failing that just call me (0467 006 529 of 07 3357 3716) and order over the phone.

Compot Lid Height: 4 cm
Compot Lid Width: 21cm to 23cm
Box Dimensions for shipping: 26cm x 26cm x 6cm
Weight for shipping: 1kgs


Lids can be posted separately to compots.

The updated website and shopping cart should automatically calculate any variations of products you add to your order and offer you the three cheapest options (one with signature required) so you can choose which option you prefer, be it courier or Australia Post.  However, if this does not appear to happen then please call us (0467 006 529 / (07) 3358 3716) for a correct quote or continue to payment options.  We will refund you any postage charges over and above what the real cost is when we calculate and book your order.   So don’t be put off by the post.

If for any reason you feel the postage to your area is excessive (and sometimes it is too remote areas) please email us  so we can work something out for you.  The updated website will now give you Australia Post and courier costs, but this may still be excessive.   So, contact us to see how we can help.

Click here for instructions on how to calculate postage with Australia post – if you want to check the postage rates

If you get no satisfaction with the post, then please call us or email us and see if we can’t help you get a better deal.

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All care is taken to produce a quality product that will work for you all day every day giving you many years of satisfaction, as well as naturally fertilizing your garden, reduced council waste and therefore reduced greenhouse methane gas emissions.

Please see our returns and refunds policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase but please call us first. It is very rare for the Compot not to work and you might just need a little extra information.
Or check out our FAQs and Tips and Tricks page.

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