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Compot & Propagator x 3


Portable Composter Propagator Tops


1 x Lift Pin (Complimentary)

3 x Compot Bases – Green Virgin material

3 x Compot Lids – Green Virgin material

12 x Metal Stakes

3 x Propagator Tops



Three Portable Composter Propagator Tops are definitely suited to the avid gardener who has time on his hands to grow his own veggies and compost.

Plant them around your garden and rotate filling them or put them in raised garden beds or a chicken pen.

Having three is a great way to compare what works best in what part of the garden hence you can plan better for better crop production.

Some things grow better in the sun and some things grow better in the shade.

So plant one in the shade and one in the sun and perhaps one in filtered light thus giving yourself plenty of options to choose from.

Then see what grows best in which spot and over time you will work out what works in your garden.

If you find you need more Portable Composter Propagator Tops you can always get them another time.

When can I propagate?

Propagating can vary depending on the time of year, the temperature, the soil, the humidity etc.

Hence a little knowledge about what grows in your area will bring you greater success with your propagator.

Check with your local nursery of suitable plants to grow or do a little research on the net.

I have had great success with everything I have grown so far but naturally, I’ve not tried everything there is to grow.

And what works in my area may not work in your area so just keep experimenting and having some fun.

Having the three Portable Composter Propagator Tops gives you more opportunity to experiment more and hence get better results.

If you are growing wheatgrass you should never run out of wheatgrass because you will have enough tops to overlap the growing time.

Definitely better if you are more than one person who loves wheatgrass juice each day as a nutrient booster.

Alternately if you have chickens you can put one in your chicken pen and two in your garden to nourish and improve your soil.

Or you can have two for your chickens and one for you. It’s up to you. There is no right way or wrong way.

Using the Top directly in the garden

You don’t necessarily need to use the propagator on top of the Compot all the time.

Plant them around your garden over new seedlings to protect your seedling from slugs and bugs that would normally harm your plants.

This is common when you have plants that don’t like being propagated in little pots and then transplanted into the ground.

You have to plant them directly in the ground and not move them.

This is where the Top really comes in handy as there are not too many things on the market that are high enough to accommodate a growing plant.

Plus it is harder to knock over if you are using the stakes to hold it in place.

And it is easy to water your plants through the holes in the top where the gases escape also.

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Quick Comparison Guide


Compot Height: 23cm
Compot Diameter: 24cm
Lid Height: 4cm
Lid Diameter: 23cm outer; 19.5cm inner
Combined Height: 26cm
Capacity: 10 litres per pot
Depth of hole to dig: 23cm
Compot Top Height: 21cm
Compot Top Width: 21.5cm to 23cm
Stakes – Length: 11cm Width: 2.5cm
Lift Pin Length: 10cm Tab: 2cm Circle: 4.5cm
Combined Pot and Top Height: 44cm
Box Dimensions for shipping: 26cm x 26cm x 35cm
Weight for shipping: 3kgs

Add 1 kg for each 1kg of garden products if added to an order.


The green Compots are made from virgin plastic material that should last you roughly 10 years plus in the garden. There are no harmful chemicals in this material and it should not break if you stand on the lid. The lid will usually push into the pot rather than break. If you hit it with a rotary hoe (as one customer did) it will no doubt get chopped up. The lid is designed to take the weight of a 50 Kg child who might run across it. I personally have jumped on them and the lid usually just pushes inside the Compot Base. The product is guaranteed for 2 years under normal circumstances, but it should last much longer than 2 years so you get many valuable years of use out of your Compots.

The Compot Top is made of clear plastic with a small amount of UV stabilizer added.  This means it will last for several years in your garden before it deteriorates.  I have had one in the garden in the same spot every day for 5 years now and it is still going strong.  There is no reason why you won’t get 10 years of use out of it as you will most likely not have it in the sun every single day like I have done to test its endurance.


To post one Compot cost the same as three Compots (unless you live in Brisbane where the rates are generally less than most other areas) so consider the postage costs when you order to get the best value out of your post.

After 3 Compots it costs roughly the same to post up to 14 Compots depending on where you live.   You can test different bundles for postage costs by entering your suburb details and requesting a quote.   Just don’t follow through with the order.   Try another bundle to compare postage costs, and then make your choice on the bundle you want.   Or call us if you can’t work this out.

Please be aware of excessive postage as the program will charge you for every bundle you purchase if ordering two different bundles.   This is easily resolved with a custom quote or by calling us.   If you make a mistake with the postage we refund you the difference or you can top up your order with some garden supplements if it is a small amount.


If for any reason you feel the postage to your area is excessive (and sometimes it is too remote areas) please email us or go to this link at Australia post  and check if the postage is better using the box dimensions and weight listed above, plus your area code and suburb, and our area code and suburb (4005 New Farm).

Click here for instructions on how to calculate postage with Australia post.

If you get no satisfaction with the post then please call us or email us and see if we can’t help you get a better deal.

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Product Information:

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All care is taken to produce a quality product that will work for you all day every day giving you many years of satisfaction, as well as naturally fertilizing your garden, reduced council waste and therefore reduce greenhouse methane gas emissions.

Please see our returns and refunds policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase but please call us first. It is very rare for the Compot not to work and you might just need a little extra information.

Or check out our FAQs and Tips and Tricks page.

 General Info:

The Compot and Propagator Top is a versatile system used for direct composting as well as propagating seeds on top of the pot without the need of greenhouses and warming trays to grow your seeds. The Top acts like a mini greenhouse or terrarium maintaining a stable warm moist environment under the top while the compost below creates just enough heat as it decomposes to keep your little seeds warm enough to germinate. You can use this in a veggie garden or inside a chicken coop. So not only are you disposing of all your waste you are using the energy from the composting material to create warmth and moisture for growing new plants.

Depending on where you live, what your climate is like, and your garden environment will depend on whether you should propagate in the shade or directly in the sun. If your climate is too hot then generally speaking you will find propagating in a shady area or partly shaded area might work better for some seeds. In winter you might find direct sun works best. But like all gardening, it can be a bit of trial and error in your specific conditions.

It is great for growing wheatgrass to juice, put in a salad or feed to your chickens. In winter wheat will sprout readily for cutting in less than ten days. In summer it can take longer because wheat is a winter crop.

You can also use the Propagator Top over any small plant or seed directly in the garden to keep slugs and bugs off your new little seedlings. Hold it in place with the four stakes-placed through the holes in the tabs on the side of the Propagator Top.


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