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Garden Stakes x 4



4 x Metal Stakes

Garden Stakes x 4 are used to hold a Propagator directly on the ground via the tabs at the side of the Top to protect your seeds or seedling from bugs.   This is the most common use for the stakes, but it can be used for other things as well.
It stops the possum, birds, and other critters from getting at your new little seedlings or seeds.
The top can be removed when the plants are big enough to be uncovered and fend for themselves.
You can water the plant through the holes in the top of the Top where gases also escape.
When your plant is ready, just remove the top and expose your plant to the elements.
Do this preferably in the early morning or late afternoon to give it time to acclimatise to the sun.

The top has a small amount of UV stabiliser in it to protect it from the sun.
This protects the plants as well to a degree, thus the reason to acclimatize your plant to the sun when you remove the top.
If you do this in the middle of the day, it will be too harsh on your plant and your plant will suffer.

Where to place the Stakes?

Most common use for the stakes now is to hold the propagator top securely on the ground when placing over a seedling.

The garden stakes were originally designed to go through the rim of the pot to secure it into the ground.
Or they can be placed through the base of the Compot holes as well.
This was to prevent dogs from digging up your pots.
But the reality is it won’t keep big dogs out unless you take other measures to prevent them from going near your pots.

Those other remedies are fermenting your scraps, leaving out meat, and putting a dollop of their poo in the lid.
However – putting the stakes in your Compot prevents you from twisting the pot around in the ground when removing runner roots.
I have found if you keep feeding your pots and there is lots of activity inside your Compots you are less likely to have an issue with roots

My other use for the stakes is to hold irrigation pipe in place.  I am sure you will find other uses for the stakes.

Keeping Dogs Out

As the stakes have proven to be little deterrent to certain dogs, I now recommend a number of other solutions which will vary depending on your dog.

  1. Ferment your waste in wastewater.  Dogs and other vermin don’t usually like the fermented smell.
  2. Put a dollop of their poop on the top of the lid or in the lid of your Compot.  This will only work if they don’t eat their own poop.
  3. Put the Compot somewhere in the garden where they can’t access it.
  4. Set up the Above Ground Method in a large pot that they can’t knock over or access easily.
  5. Leave meat out of your pots.  Most people feed all their meat to their dogs, but some don’t.  If this is the only thing that is going in your council bin, then that is not such a bad thing.  Try fermenting the meat with onions and chilli as an option.

You might find a secret remedy to keeping them out that we have not thought of. Who knows?
It might be as simple as soaking your scraps for a certain number of days so it is really stinky and all the odours are so mingled in together that the dog can’t distinguish any particular smell and does not like the heavily fermented smell.

Just experiment a bit with different things and see what works for you and your dog or put them somewhere the dog can’t access.
The fermented waste and dog poop will work for most dogs but not all.
You must know your dog and if he eats his own poop them most likely nothing will keep him from digging up your pots.

Can I put meat in the Compots if I have a Dog?

Yes and No.  It all depends on your dog.  This is basically answered above
If you do put meat in the Compot you must soak it first to ferment it along with the other waste as well.
Or you might just have to leave the meat out, which is easy if your dog eats all the meat leftovers.
If meat is the only thing you throw in your council bin, then that is not such a bad thing.
To read greater details about how to use a Compot click here Green Compot x 1 

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Stakes – Length: 11cm
Width: 2.5cm
Weight for shipping: 0.051kgs
Can be posted on their own in an envelope for $2.40

The four stakes are included with any order of a Compot Top but if you need extra they can be added to any order without incurring extra postage.
Or they can be posted separately through the mail in a regular envelope for $2.40
But mostly they are posted with an order of Compots and Tops as you generally don’t need them except when propagating directly in the garden.    Unless you have another use for them of course.

If you want them to secure your Compot in place just add them to any order.
If this is to deter dogs then I recommend you follow the other suggestions listed in the article or

“how to deter dogs and critters from digging up your Compots” (coming soon)  or check out the FAQs and Tips and Tricks.



To post one Compot cost the same as three Compots (unless you live in Brisbane where the rates are generally less than most other areas) so consider the postage costs when you order to get the best value out of your post.

After 3 Compots it costs roughly the same to post up to 14 Compots depending on where you live.   You can test different bundles for postage costs by entering your suburb details and requesting a quote.   Just don’t follow through with the order.   Try another bundle to compare postage costs, and then make your choice on the bundle you want.   Or call us if you can’t work this out.   Make sure you clear your cart each time you test a postage option.

The updated website and shopping cart should automatically calculate any variations of products you add to your order and offer you the three cheapest options so you can choose which option you prefer, be it courier or Australia Post.  However, if this does not appear to happen then please call us (0467 006 529 / (07) 3358 3716) for a correct quote or continue to payment options.  We will refund you any postage charges over and above what the real cost is when we calculate and book your order.   So don’t be put off by the post.

If for any reason you feel the postage to your area is excessive (and sometimes it is too remote areas) please email us  so we can work something out for you.  The updated website will now give you Australia Post and courier costs, but this still may be excessive.   So, contact us to see how we can help.

Click here for instructions on how to calculate postage with Australia post – if you want to check the postage rates

If you get no satisfaction with the post, then please call us or email us and see if we can’t help you get a better deal.

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