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Garden Stakes x 4


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Garden Stakes


4 x Metal Stakes


Garden stakes are used to hold a Propagator directly in the ground via the tabs at the side of the Top to protect your seeds or seedling from bugs.

This is the most common use for the stakes.

It stops the possum, birds and other critters from getting at your new little seedlings or seeds.

The top can be removed when the plants are big enough to be uncovered and fend for themselves.

You can water the plant through the holes in the top of the Top where gases escape also.

When your plant is ready, just remove the top and expose your plant to the elements.

Do this preferably in the early morning or late afternoon to give it time to acclimatise to the sun.

The top has a small amount of UV stabiliser in it to protect it from the sun.

This protects the plants as well to a degree thus the reason to acclimatize your plant to the sun when you remove the top.

If you do this in the middle of the day it will be to harsh on your plant and your plant will suffer.

Other uses for the Garden Stakes

The garden stakes were actually designed to go through the rim of the pot to secure it into the ground.

This was to prevent dogs from digging up your pots.

But the reality is it won’t keep big dogs out unless you take other measures to prevent them from going near your pots.

One such method is to ferment your scaps for a few days. Dogs don’t like the fermented smell.

And put their waste in with your waste as well, but not in your veggie garden.

But the best remedy to prevent your dogs from digging up your pot is to just leave meat out of your pots.

If that is the only thing you throw in your council bin then that is not such a bad thing.

The stakes can also be placed through the base of the Compot as well.

This is not really necessary if you are following the other remedies.

It also prevents you from twisting the pot around in the ground to stop troublesome roots.

I have found if you keep feeding your pots and there is lots of activity inside your Compots you are less likely to have an issue with roots

Retales Articles

How to use the stakes (coming soon)

Growing seeds in the garden with the Compot Top (coming soon)


Stakes – Length: 11cm
Width: 2.5cm
Weight for shipping: 0.051kgs


The four stakes are included with any order of a Compot Top but if you need extra they can be added to any order without incurring extra postage.
Or they can be posted separately through the mail in a regular envelope.
But mostly they are posted with an order of Compots and Tops as you generally don’t need them except when propagating directly in the garden.

If you want them to secure your Compot in place just add them to any order.
If this is to deter dogs then I recommend you follow the other suggestions listed in the article on
“how to deter dogs and critters from digging up your Compots” (coming soon)  or check out the FAQs and Tips and Tricks.


If for any reason you feel the postage to your area is excessive (and sometimes to remote areas it is) please email us or go to this link at Australia Post  and see if the postage is better using the box dimensions and weight listed above, plus your area code and suburb, and our area code and suburb (4005 New Farm).
Click Here for instructions on how to calculate postage with Australia post.
If you get no satisfaction there, please call us or email us and see if we can’t help you get a better deal.

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Product Information :

The metal stakes are zinc coated and will eventually rust.   But this should not matter in the garden and you will still get many years of use from them.


Please see our returns and refunds policy  if you are not satisfied with your purchase but please call us first. It is very rare for the Compot not to work and you might just need a little extra information.

Or check out our FAQs and Tips and Tricks page.

General Info:

The metal stakes are simply used for holding the Compot Top in the ground to stop animals from eating your new seeds or seedlings.   This is especially helpful in a chicken pen if you are trying to grow wheat or other greens to feed your chickens.

Or they can be used to secure the Compot into the ground through the holes in the rim of the Compot or through the base of the Compot.   Once you do this you can’t then twist the Compot in the ground to dislodge roots if you find any little runner roots finding their way into your Compots.   This usually only occurs if you have not filled your pots up for a long time and the plants are seeking out nutrients because perhaps you have not watered your garden in a while either.