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Brassica oleracea

Often simply referred to as purple sprouting, this is the original version of broccoli, it has long stalks & small purple flower heads. The leaves, heads & stalks are all tender & edible. A hardy, bushy plant with a profusion of purple sprouts. Colorful & nutritious raw, it loses most of its color when cooked. Approx 120 days to maturity, longer when over winter.

Start seed indoors from late summer or early spring in pots, or sow directly into the garden after danger of serious frost has passed. Thin or transplant seedlings when 5cm tall. Transplant indoor started seedlings after hardening off. Keep soil moderately moist during germination.


Germination Time (Days) 15 – 25
Maturity Time (Days) 60 – 120
Sowing Depth (mm) 3 – 6
Plant Spacing (cm) 35 – 45
Row Spacing (cm) 45 – 60
pH 6 – 7.5
Soil Temperature (°C)
Hardy / Frost Tender Hardy
Sow Direct / Raise Seedlings Raise Seedlings
Seed Preparation