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Petunia diploid

A charming mix of bright, upward facing flowers, compact & colorful. A favorite for beds, borders & containers. One of the brightest, most free-flowering summer gems. Double & semi-double wavy-edged blooms in a lovely range of colors. An excellent pretty border plant to 40cm, easy to grow. A mixture containing a wide range of colors from white & pink to crimson & dark red. This is the very popular easy to grow hardy annual, Godetia. Apart from being in flower for ten weeks or more, & for use as a cut flower, they also make charming pot plants for spring or summer.

Godetia seeds can be directly seeded into your flower garden or started indoors four to six weeks before the last frost date in your area. Sow seeds early in the season & cover lightly with fine garden or potting soil. Godetia plants do not like to be crowded.


Germination Time (Days) 14 – 28
Flowering Time (Days) 80 – 100
Sowing Depth (mm) 5
Plant Spacing (cm) 30
pH 6.5 – 7.3
Soil Temperature (°C)
Hardy / Frost Tender Hardy
Sow Direct / Raise Seedlings Sow Direct / Raise Seedlings
Seed Preparation